[AOAC Final] Walk by Walk

For this semester, I have been exploring something about location, as I believe the aspect related to location is one of the most important thing about mobile.

Background #1

The project was initiated by thinking about myself – what I need most these day. I definitely need some exercise! After coming ITP, (or even before..) I don’t exercise enough. I should walk more and need some stimulus to do more. But I don’t like treadmill and prefer to walk outside. Though I took fitbit all the time as a stimulus, it could be ignored and no one blames about it. Plus walking alone is boring.

Background #2

I’ve been deeply into a mobile game, Clash Royal, whose genre is a realtime 1:1 battle. The reason why I love this? I could completely focus on it for 3 minute without distracting due to the aspect of competition. The fact that I’m able to quickly and casually meet and share the such short but intense moment with someone else completely unknown in some remote area is only possible with mobile. 


Walk by Walk is a realtime 1:1 walking game. It is a competition as trigger to walk(exercise) more. It will enable you to connect to someone wherever they are. It will allow us to share experience of walking and spatial memory. To be more immersive about sharing the experience and feeling data more lively, I take advantage of Google Street View API to harness substantial amount of image data from it. Two people can share spatial memory through the visual appreciation of the places from Street View.




How it works

Two different mobile phone’s data about location while they are walking will be transferred through realtime database (I used Firebase).

final_presentation.003 final_presentation.004 final_presentation.005 final_presentation.006 final_presentation.007

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