[AOAC Final] Walk by Walk

For this semester, I have been exploring something about location, as I believe the aspect related to location is one of the most important thing about mobile.

Background #1

The project was initiated by thinking about myself – what I need most these day. I definitely need some exercise! After coming ITP, (or even before..) I don’t exercise enough. I should walk more and need some stimulus to do more. But I don’t like treadmill and prefer to walk outside. Though I took fitbit all the time as a stimulus, it could be ignored and no one blames about it. Plus walking alone is boring.

Background #2

I’ve been deeply into a mobile game, Clash Royal, whose genre is a realtime 1:1 battle. The reason why I love this? I could completely focus on it for 3 minute without distracting due to the aspect of competition. The fact that I’m able to quickly and casually meet and share the such short but intense moment with someone else completely unknown in some remote area is only possible with mobile. 


Walk by Walk is a realtime 1:1 walking game. It is a competition as trigger to walk(exercise) more. It will enable you to connect to someone wherever they are. It will allow us to share experience of walking and spatial memory. To be more immersive about sharing the experience and feeling data more lively, I take advantage of Google Street View API to harness substantial amount of image data from it. Two people can share spatial memory through the visual appreciation of the places from Street View.




How it works

Two different mobile phone’s data about location while they are walking will be transferred through realtime database (I used Firebase).

final_presentation.003 final_presentation.004 final_presentation.005 final_presentation.006 final_presentation.007

BLE + Arduino 101 demonstration : saving the location with a button

Continuing BLE demonstration with Arduino 101 and as a part of my final project test, I made a simple app to store the current location when clicking the button of Arduino. CurieBLE plugin works mostly fine, but it takes time to catch up the name of BLE after assigning it from Arduino code. So I changed it to match the ID of BLE device instead of name to connect it instantly.


BLE + Sensortag demonstration : election

Here comes an unexpected early presidential election in Korea.Time to decision without regrets. We all have to contemplate pretty seriously this time not to make a mistake again. We are all absorbed in inquiring them and looking high and low. Viewing candidates from various angles.

As an analogy of it, I mapped values of the accelerometer-different sets of x,y,z- into opacity of images of the current top 3 candidates, creating a vibrant confusion just as the state of ours.

source code


App development : first step of getting place data as the midterm

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.15.59 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.16.04 AM

I changed a little bit about the concept, since most of tweet or news data’s geo tag is null. So I need to gather place information first, and then I can have a specific place keyword for searching tweet or news. To get information about places around where you are, I used Google reverse geocoding, place and street view API. For initial setting, clicking ‘somewhere’ button triggers to load everyplace within 100 meter with rating over 4 point and show it descending order with specific address and street view image as a background.

Initial App idea : Randomize Here

Have you ever felt you belong to nowhere iterating mindlessly same things with your mobile phone? When I keep staring at my mobile phone, I forget where I am and I’m continuously exposed by something that is already familiar with because I limited my realm by choosing limited sources along with friends’ SNS or favorite websites. What if I would get punched with unexpected information related to certain location where I am now? It will broaden my view for worlds, and each place I belong to has certain context in my daily life.I would like to make an app to suggest you location based random SNS contents. 



An app that impresses me : Detour

Detour is an app for tourists, beautifully produced GPS audio walks that take you beneath the surface of cities around the world. I used it first when I was here several month ago. Above all things, I love the fact that it is designed to make you free from looking at your mobile phone while you are traveling a some place new. The almost perfectly synced GPS audio walks function matched my pace of tour, so that I don’t need to go back to my mobile phone to press some other button of it. Instead of being stolen my sight to “see” phone to find some information about the place, it allows me to stay on the sight more. The sad thing is there’s not enough contents about NY yet.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 5.39.57 PM



An inspirational app test using corvoda

Here is a quick, simple timer app to measure the time from the birth. There’s a problem when applying css into xcode in order emb a background video with fullscreen and autoplay. First, I wrote some lines in css and html as I did for normal webpage, but the background video didn’t play automatically and the play button didn’t work as well. So I changed the plan to embed image as a background, but it didn’t show again. I googled it and found different lines for app with cordova+xcode. Few work of variation might be needed when applying into cordova+xcode.


A moment without mobile phone

It’s hard to begin. There’s no hurry for anything. I didn’t have any expecting call. I also had my laptop right in front of me that I’m able use instantly if I need to search something. Nevertheless, it made me nervous to make my mobile phone be out of my sight.

I started anyway, but it had only lasted about two hours until I grabbed my phone by instinct to search about a person that I talked with my wife. A celebrity who I looked up has nothing to do with my life, and if I would not know about him before I die, it doesn’t matter at all!! But I just instantly and unconsciously googled it and failed my first trial. Second and third trials? It’s useless to describe it because what happened several times were pretty much same with previous one with little bit of longer period. The thing ruined my mission was nothing but a distracted habitual behavior.

Of course, it would be almost impossible to detach from it in a single hour if I had a job and belonged to a company from which I paid. Actually, the mobile phone, especially a messenger app was the most critical communication method while I was working. There were numerous group chat rooms filled with orders and reports for works.

Regardless of the reasons why I couldn’t detach from it, it’s obvious I’m overwhelmed by tons of information related to works or personal interests every single day due to existence of mobile phone. My wife, or mom, whoever knows me enough blamed me at least once, “You are so distracted! You never focus on me for a minute!” I admit I’m bit more distracted than average since there’s no mobile phone in the world, but, obviously, it aggravated my symptom.

Humans sleep everyday. We are not always on. We couldn’t stand it. Without an ability of self-restraint, the attribute of mobile, which is always on, would only drive me into vertigo. It’s good to know the mobile is always on, but I don’t need to be always on every single moment.