Live web – final project idea : View

  • Background : Let’s look at an old chinese painting. A chinese poem is on the landscape painting. It was mainstream of art back then in east asia. Or look at this work done by Robert Mongomery. He built a statue of poem on actual space. One of my favorite topic for my photography is finding a text in random space in random moment and juxtaposing them to make some meaning out of them. I believe this kind of randomness has potential power to create new genre of literature in the mobile age.This might be little bit awkward question, but what would it look like if shakespeare do live broadcasting with his writing?
  • Idea : View is mobile platform that View of the world from writer with text will be on reader’s view through their mobile camera in real time so that the story will be able to merge into reader’s reality. One single phrase, but totally different feeling based on where readers are. A quick demo will show how it looks like when using AR camera. It allows text to be lied on the scene more naturally and seamlessly. Readers can change font to make different feeling and record the scene as photo or video. So the project could be a kind of experiment as an alternative way of writing and reading literature in this mobile age.

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