Live web – midterm idea & demo

  • Title :  live emotion map
  • Background : to understand my current and overall emotional state by making a simple web tool for data collecting & visualizing
  • Methodology (1) gathering data completely manually because emotion is only subjectively interpreted by me  (2) data input from mobile web page with multiple choices (3) whenever I input new data from my mobile, visualization of accumulated emotion map will appear in a website (4) anyone who wants to know about me better can visit this website


  • Step #1 for midterm : build mobile web page for data input and website for visualizing overall result in real time with

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.28.25 PM

  • step #2 for final : develop further it into VR room with changing light from emotion data like the carlos cruz diez’s work, chromosaturation.

Visitors wear protective coverings on their shoes as they walk through a light installation called "Chromosaturation" from 1965-2012 by Carlos Cruz-Diez at an exhibition entitled "Light Show" at the Hayward Gallery in London. (Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters)

  • Quick demo for mid-term : I made a simple program to represent idea of live mirror. Through web socket, input from button in mobile webpage goes to view of webcam of my laptop and makes a layer over the cam’s view, run by openframeworks. The color ratio of pixel on webcam’s view is changed according to my selection of colors.

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