Chirashi #1 – Sealed box

How mobile media change contents and context?


I probed deeply into the context of digital media, especially mobile. Contents which used to be delivered by specific media now come in unfamiliar mobile boxes with a new form and a sense. Circumstances have been dramatically altered and distorted. I specifically focused on how mobile messengers changed our surroundings. Kakao Talk, the most widely used messenger service in Korea, is filled with chirashi. The term is colloquially used in South Korea for news featuring frivolities such as celebrity gossip. The most unfortunate part of the phenomenon is that when it comes to mobile, we have no compunction for spreading and reading unproven gossip.

Chirashi series #1 – Sealed boxsealedbox_reference

# curiosity – sealed box : People read chirashi because they are curious. They want to peep into lives of famous individuals. I produced a box sealed with a warning message. Paradoxically, forbidding someone from an object causes them to want it more.
# distortion – illusion : I installed a LED light above the box, whose color varies from red to blue. It is difficult to pick out shapes in the midst of dots with similar colors.
# love Рletter : Chirashi often consists of someone’s love story,
licit or illicit. Of course, our opinions may differ on Kim Tae-hee, who was caught dating Rain, or Seven, who broke up with his long-time celebrity girlfriend.