Hacking Google Street View


Hacking Google Street View of a series of works, Take me to green or whatever, Untaken and Walk by walk, that unzips and hack the geospatial data to motivate people to go back again to their adjacent physical world.


#1 Take me to green or whatever

Take me to Green or whatever is a twitter bot introducing new, random places to users with series of Google API related to place. It allows people to explore somewhere completely new, far from same with the limited scope of knowledge and experience they have. It will find you a totally unexpected random place a day according to color. Take me to ‘Green’ takes you to parks in the United States. Take me to ‘Brown’ let you explore cafes in France. What else could be? You just can name it and take that color with you.

@takeMeToGreen / @takeMeToBrown / Source Code



#2 Untaken

Thanks to Google Street view, we could explore almost entire world in our own room only if we have a mobile phone with our hands. Though the 360 view is good enough to grasp what places look like, it’s not enough to be real. I can see that place but can’t feel it. I dislike Google Street View due to the fact that it makes us less ambitious to explore more places physically. Fortunately, while exploring Google’s Street View API, I found out there’s plenty of location points that are not taken by Google even in a big city like New York. In fact, I was glad to see the screenshot of ‘no result’, because at least there’s reason for us to go that place to actually to experience and feel the place.

Link to demo website / Source Code 


#3 Walk by Walk

I know I don’t exercise enough. I should work out more and need some stimulus to do so. But I don’t like a treadmill and prefer to run outside. Though I took Fitbit all the time as a stimulus, it has been ignored and no one blames it. Plus walking alone is boring. I’ve been deeply into a mobile game such as Clash Royal, which is a real-time 1:1 battle. The reason why I so much love this is that I could completely focus on it for 3 minute without being distracted due to the aspect of competition. The fact that I’m able to quickly and casually meet and share such short but intense moment with someone else completely unknown in some remote area is only possible with mobile. Walk by Walk is a real-time 1:1 walking game. It is a competition as a trigger to walk(exercise) more. It will enable you to connect to someone wherever they are. It will allow us to share an experience of walking and spatial memory. To be more immersive about sharing the experience and feeling data more lively, I take advantage of Google Street View API to harness substantial amount of image data from it. Two people can share spatial memory through the visual appreciation of the places from Street View.



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