Week 1 – assignment

When I was asked “where is your home” at the first class, I hesitated to answer myself right back. I could come up with several places, in here New York and in my hometown Korea. And when I realized web map consists of tons of small tile image, I feel like it’s a kind of fraction of my geographical recognition of my homes. Becuase when I think of each home and explore in the web map, the way I find and mark it is different in how much I zoom in or how I set the range of it. So I planned to make a collection of pieces of places that I can call them as one of the homes, using raster tile images from web map.



Users can click each of their homes while they are exploring the map. Once they click it, it will collect 3X3 tiles around the point. If users finish marking, they can click the ‘get my homes’ button, and collected tiles images will appear randomly. It’s an experiment to embody your geographically embed memory of your homes.



Click to play the demo 

Source Code


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