Week 3 – assignment

As this week assignment, I was trying to collect the context of a certain place where I am right now. One of the contexts would be what kinds of venues surround me. With Foursquare API, I can categorize venues into 908 types. I assigned each type of venue with a certain color, e.g. Aquarium as RGB (111,64,171). At certain places, some types of venues would be prevailing or it is completely mixture of diverse types.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.52.49 PM



I developed a make a mobile web to visualize color mesh of your current location by types of venues. When you visit the website, first, you can see about 50 marked points near you on the map, and 3 seconds later it will turn to the color mesh. You can click each mesh to see the information of each venue.















You can play the demo with your mobile phone browser. (only with Chrome)

/ Source code




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